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Take the effort and guess work out of your trial selections.

Save hours of time letting our software generate netball team lineups in seconds.

Simply upload a spreadsheet of your players and their positions. The system will automatically generate the best game combinations taking into account player preferences, previous games and fair time on court.

Step 1: Upload your players

Step 2: Done! Your combinations are generated.

  • Players selected based on preference.
  • All players will play their preferences.
  • Players rotated to give balanced time on and off the court.
  • Manage combinations for mens, womens and mixed teams.

Coaches vote for players during each trial game.

  • Players are dynamically loaded based on the current game.
  • Coaches/Selectors use the star rating system to add their votes.
  • Votes are stored against a player and their position.

Easily collect player stats to see the whole picture.

  • Customise the events you want to collect.
  • Adjust the importance/points of each event.
  • Super intuitive console for recording events.

Combine your data into detailed player statistics.

  • See all coach votes by player and player position.
  • Combine your voting data with game stats e.g. shooting %, intercepts, bad passes.